Llewthena's Labyrinth

A place of healing, learning and spiritual service


Amanda Llewthena Line is a Reiki Master, SEVA Acupressure practioner, ordained minister, third degree Priestess in an eclectic coven, and co-coordinator of the Fox Valley/Green Bay Pagan Pride. She is located in Oshkosh, WI and serves the Fox Valley Area. 

Ms. Line performs a variety of ritual services including Handfastings, Commitment ceremonies, Wiccanings, coming of age ceremonies, and house blessings.  Because she is legally ordained, the Handfastings and wedding ceremonies she performs are legally binding if the couple desires it.  All rituals are written with the input of the individuals involved, so every ceremony is personal and unique. 

Though not licensed as a community counselor yet, Ms. Line can provide spiritual counseling and support due to her years of personal experience.  She has been a practicing Pagan for more than 13 years, in addition to being an Empath.  She cannot and will not diagnose mental illness. What she will do is listen, offer guidance, provide emotional support, and help people find their paths. Ms. Line  holds a BA in Sociology with a Women’s Studies minor and is currently earning a Masters degree in Community Counseling. She plans to graduate within the year, at which point she will be a counselor in training pursuing accreditation as an LPC. 

Ms. Line is a Reiki Master and offers this service.  Reiki is a Japanese technique for using energy to promote relaxation and healing.  In addition, Ms. Line is certified to practice and teach SEVA Acupressure, a technique used to aid in stress relief.  

Further services provided by Ms. Line include workshops and classes, educational presentations regarding Paganism and other  topics, and group facilitation.  Please contact Ms. Line for details on what she can offer and how she can be of service.  Advocacy, education, service and healing are the main purposes of Llewthena’s Labyrinth. 

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